Saturday, 13 February 2016

Spring IK

Spring IK
There's a cool and somewhat secret function in Maya for whatever reason, called the "IK Spring Solver".
It's great for creating quadraped legs, amongst other mechanics in rigs. In order to 'unlock' this secret attribute when creating your IK node, type in the MEL command line: ikSpringSolver;

In my opinion, this should be something that should load automatically with Maya by default. But then that's just a rigger's way of thinking, right?

Problem when moving the Global Control
Depending on your creature/character rig setup, when moving the global control you may find that the IK spring solver does not follow the way it should. In my case, I had a broken hierarchy, linked together with parent constraints. The way this issue was fixed was to delete the constraints and just use good ol' fashioned parenting. 

Have a mess around with it, and if you have any problems leave a comment here.

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