Tuesday, 17 May 2016

More Unity Animation Mismatches

Yet again, another mysterious animation mismatch.
You have your animation in Maya, it's all set up how you want it, you export it, open it up in Unity and boom - something's out of line, mis-placed or rotated in the wrong way.

The problem that caused the issue for me this time round, were rotational values dipping from negative to positive. In the gif below, you can see the mismatch:

As you can see, the hand is rotated as intended in Maya, and yet when exported and brought into Unity, something is happening along the way.

The fix was to go into the graph editor and edit the rotate X value, so that it no longer crept up into the positive values. Interestingly, using the Curves>Euler fix button actually caused the issue for me this time round. Here, you can see the graph editor before and after:

Still not entirely sure what causes this, but it looks as though Mecanim has something to do with it, as when set to 'generic' mode, the issue no longer persists within Unity.

 Unity is a mysterious woman.

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