Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Incredible Photoshop plugin - Nezumi (lazy mouse)

Hot diggity dog this one is a game-changer.
Do you ever think to yourself one of these three things:

"Man, I wish I could have lazy mouse in Photoshop just like I do in Zbrush."
"If only Photoshop's brushes were just slightly.. smoother.. more voluptuous.."
"... just one more ctrl+z... need to redraw this line as its not quite perfect yet.."

Well fret no longer! Take a look at this fancy Photoshop plugin https://lazynezumi.com/
It has a 15 day free-trial, and believe me at the end of your trial you'll be throwing your wallet at this goddamn beautiful plugin.

Nezumi essentially takes your line, and makes it lovely. Fortunately, they've included a load of fantastic gifs on their website which I will put right below here so I don't need to arduously type out the description of what this thing does:



And a beautiful array of settings you can choose from.

Not only that but as well as the smoothing function it has a load of awesome, easily editable rulers that you can use to help draw circles/ovals. Go grab this tool. https://lazynezumi.com/

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