Wednesday 7 August 2019

Free Soft IK plugin - ToolChefs

A handy new plugin that handles all of the math of the main functions you'd want on an IK limb.

The best thing about this, is that it can be easily swapped out with the conventional IK-solvers on any old rig, as it appears as a drop-down in the IK handle node. Not only that, but the source code is available on github. Sweet.

Some of the in-built attributes are:

  • Soft Distance: Distance to translate the IK before the 'softness' kicks in.
  • Activate Stretch: Activates the stretch! (Makes things stretchy)
  • Mid Joint Slide: Slides the mid joint between the start and end joints.
  • Mid Joint Lock: Allows the user to translate all joints.

Read all about it, and download it here:

Thanks Tool Chefs!