Monday 14 November 2022

Houdini: Linking/connecting multiple parameters

 Let's say you have a subnet, with near identical parameters to multiple sub-nodes within. How do we go about linking them all? We could tediously, arduously right click > copy > right click > paste relative references for every attribute we want to copy, or...

1.) Open up 'parameter interface' of the subnet, and go to the 'channels' tab

2.) Under 'Linked Channels', type subNode/subNodeparameterName  Do this with all nodes you want to link. I found that you can quickly iterate through nodes using a simple IDE/text editor. ONCE FINISHED TYPING, PRESS ENTER! THIS IS INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT!

3.) Click 'Apply' - That's it, all your nodes are now linked via the main subnet node.

For multiparms this functions a little differently, insofar that these 'connections' must be made during attribute instantiation on the master node. If you try to edit/append/remove after the instantiation of the multiparm master attribute, it will not make any changes to the sub node attibutes. I can only assume this is a bug.

Also, occasionally these 'Linked Channels' will appear on the 'Parameter' tab instead of 'Channels'. Pesky Houdini.