Wednesday 12 October 2016

Triangulation, Deformation & Max influence issues - Maya to Unity

I'm working on a game trailer at the moment, and encountered a bug regarding deformation issues and things not appearing in Unity as they do in Maya. Thanks Unity.

The Problem:

A side by side comparison between Maya and Unity shows that in the middle of an animation being played, we are getting different deformations.
It may be hard to see because of the lighting, so I have drawn a blue outline of the jacket beside each image. As you can see, the image on the left (Maya) has a nice smooth deformation. The image on the right has a 'nice' lumpy deformation.
The reason this happens I believe, is due to the way Unity interprets the influences of joints, and also the triangulation on export/import.

The Fix:

1.) First, go into your quality settings in Unity (Edit>Project Settings>Quality) and try changing your blend weights. If it's on 2 bones, change it to 4, and vice versa. This should hopefully fix your problem.

2.) Still not fixed the issue? Have a look at your rig in Maya, what are your max influences on your mesh? Play around with these settings and try capping your max influences at 4 with the 'set max influences' option. You shouldn't be using any more than 4 for a game rig anyway (with the exception of cinematics/trailers etc.)

Happy riggydigdigging!

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