Tuesday 5 April 2016

Delete half frames

I came across something really annoying the other day whilst I was re-timing my animation.
I select all my character's controls, and scaled the keys down - as I wanted a certain part of the animation to be faster.

I then right clicked and attempted to 'snap' the newly scaled keys, only to find that because some keys were next to one another to begin with, they couldn't snap to the same frame - bummer!

This leaves you with a whole bunch of keyframes that are now on a time value of eg: 1.5, 2.034, 10.56767 etc. Not cool! You will never see these keys, as you will only ever be able to view one frame at a time - thus rendering them useless!

So, grab my script here: AT_cleanSubFrames.py

Then, select all curves you want to clean (delete any half frames) and run it! Begone fowl subframes!

Hope this helps someone. :)

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