Tuesday 12 April 2016

Mecanim update bone bug!


If you want to go back and edit your rig after you have already exported it into Unity, and created an avatar - you're going to have a fun time.

Unity doesn't seem to take to updating files very well - especially avatar files. This is the problem I faced and how I fixed it:

1.) Export Rig into Unity - everything hunky dory, avatar bones configured. Great.
2.) Export animations - link to avatar. Everything working okay.
3.) Update rig in Maya (in my case, the positioning of the bones were changed)
4.) Re-export to Unity, overwriting the old avatar file.
5.) Look at animations, things are looking wroooong. Intersection issues everywhere. WHAT IS GOING ON.

And the solution:
6.) Make an entirely new avatar file, re-link animations to new avatar file. Eureka! Things work.

I can only assume that when you create and configure a new avatar, Unity will set this in stone, even if the file is overwritten. Creating an entirely new avatar forces Unity to re-do this configuration process, thus updating any bone/rig changes.

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